Dear marketers, are you using web analytics correctly?

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In this new age of marketing, we are all forced to make business decisions based on some sort of data.

As a marketer, the most common form of data comes from web analytics. Most likely, it’s either Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics.

The question is, are we using the data as intended?

Decisions… decisions…

Have you ever been in a situation, where you can’t decide between buying 2 things in a shop?

Well, at least I have.

If you’re lucky, a friendly staff would walk over and provide you with the information you need for a satisfying purchase.

That, my friend, is what web analytics is about.

Brick and mortar

Imagine you are the proud owner of a store. Besides the customers, who would be in the store?

Cashier of course. Who else?

Perhaps a couple of staff members who stand ready to serve your customers.

Web analytics

Instead of a physical store, we are mainly dealing with websites and apps as modern marketers.

The cashier for our website is the underlying code that handles all kind of transactions, be it a purchase or form filling.

As for the customer-facing staff, yes you’re right, it is the web analytics.

Role of web analytics

Like a customer-facing staff, web analytics sits quietly in a corner, observing you from far, attempting to understand your needs and wants.

When a customer needs help, our staff members are well-equipped to provide her with the best user experience possible.

Isn’t web analytics all about reporting?

In many companies, it seems like marketers are forced to allocate a huge portion of their efforts towards reporting.

But… is that the right use of web analytics?

As a store owner, would you hire someone to:

  1. Provide excellent customer service through understanding your customers better
  2. Count the number of customers walking through the door and the number of times your merchandise was viewed

If your answer isn’t the 2nd option, then neither should you be obsessed with reporting.

Spend more time understanding your customers, their wants and needs. Explore opportunities to deliver great experiences and products in a timely manner.

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