Best Web Analytics Tools in Q4 2017 (Psst… it’s one of the tool we recommended)

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It’s time to revisit the question, “Which is the best web analytics tool for me?”. As usual, there are many factors to consider apart from capabilities and awesomeness. For most companies, the biggest concern has to be budget. In this article, we are assuming that your company is serious about Web Analytics (we’ll tell you why you should be taking it seriously) and can afford the best of the best tools out there.

Web Analytics: Most Dominant Technique

Web analytics remains the most commonly used technology when it comes to digital intelligence practices. There are so many benefits to having web analytics drive your business decisions, and we will list a few here:
  • Understand users’ web behavior
  • Unbiased source of data
  • Bridge the gaps between offline and online data

So… Who’s The Best?

Needless to say, Adobe Analytics lead the pack, with AT Internet coming close. And if we look for Google Analytics, it is considered a “Strong Performer”, but still does not quite make the cut if your company is genuinely interested in reaping the full benefits from valuable data collected through web analytics.

What did Adobe Do Right?

Beside having the capability to answer complex business questions when implemented correctly, Adobe has always put a lot of focus on improving the UI and accessibility. In Adobe Analytics, you can find Workspace, an advanced reporting tool that allows you to slice-and-dice data and at the same time, provides great visualizations. A picture speaks a thousand words. Workspace provides a great deal of customization in both its data and visualizations. Presenting data in the right visualization is important and Adobe knows it. Want to know the breakdown of sales according to products? Use a donut chart. Want to compare the performance (conversion rate) of different forms? Use a horizontal bar chart. Want to know how product X is performing over a given time period? Use a line chart. You name it, Adobe has it.

That’s Not All!

Sharing is caring, and Adobe knows that all too well. Sharing reports is fundamental, but sharing segments that you have created? That’s just awesome! There’s a ton of things you can share with your colleagues without having them to re-invent the wheels:
  • Custom reports
  • Dashboards
  • Segments
  • Calculated metrics
  • Workspace projects
Customization comes with a price, and that is the learning curve. The more you can customize, the more complicated the tool is. And that is why, Adobe is continuously improving accessibility and user-friendliness, smoothing the learning curve one step at a time.

In Conclusion…

Web analytics is not a fad. It is an essentials for any company that truly wants to understand their customers. Don’t be the next Nokia or Blockbuster. If you want to understand more about the pros and cons of using Adobe Analytics, we have an article for you: And if budget is a concern, there’s always Google Analytics too:
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