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If you’re here, I am assuming that you have Google Analytics set up just fine and dandy. If not, please do yourself a favor and set it up already! Ok, let’s rock and roll!


The beauty of Google Analytics is that, we will immediately have access to a list of great reports with just a simple implementation. These default reports can provide a great deal of insights for newcomers, allowing us to better understand our websites. These reports belong to 3 main categories:
  • Audience
  • Acquisition
  • Behavior


The Audience reports provide us with more information about our audience. It is very important that we know who are we attracting to our website. We want to make sure that our contents cater to the right audience! This is also a good opportunity to confirm or challenge our assumptions on who are our target audiences.


Take for example retirement-related products. In the past, we would conveniently assume that only older people would be interested in retirement. Is that still the case? With education being abundant now, it is not uncommon to find young people already planning for their own retirement! Without proper Audience insights, we will not have to guess who should we be catering to. This will pave the way for more effective campaigns and ad placement.


Below are some questions that can be answered:
  • How many users do we have?
  • Where are the users coming from?
  • Which group of users represent the majority?
  • Are we catering to a young audience or an older one?
  • How often are the users coming back to our website?
  • How are users accessing our website? Through their desktop or mobile?
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The Acquisition reports provide us with more information about the traffics that are coming to our websites. We not only want to know how much traffics are flowing to our website, we want to know the quality of the traffic too! Without proper Acquisition insights, we will never know if our campaigns and Ad spends are worth the money. Typically, we would want most of our traffics to be from organic searches. What if… they are not? How can we tell? When users are coming to our website, where do they usually go to? Where are our users coming from before landing on our website? If we’re lucky, we might even discover “potential partners” who have been driving traffics to our website!


Below are some questions that can be answered:
  • What is the breakdown of our traffics?
  • Are the traffics mainly from organic searches or paid media?
  • Where are the traffics coming from? Is there any other blog or forum helping to drive traffics to our site?
  • How are our campaigns performing?
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The Behavior reports provide us with a lot of information on what the users are doing on our website. Besides knowing how many users do we have, we also want to know what kind of contents do they like, and how are they interacting with our site. The basic implementation will give us a great overview on the users’ browsing behavior, and if you want more, an advanced implementation will even tell us how often a video has been played or how often a button has been clicked.


We have a form where users can fill up to purchase a travel insurance. We realized that the online sales figure is not up to our expectation. What can we do? Without proper Behavior insights, the most common action will be to perform a webpage overhaul. But… is that right? Thanks to the Behavior insights we have, we were able to find out how many times has the form been accessed, and also the number of users moving on to the next step till completion. With these numbers on hand, we came up with the observations below:
  • We have a lot of users accessing the form, but sadly, few users went on to complete the purchase.
  • From step 2 to step 3 of the form, 89% of the users dropped out.
  • From step 4 to completion, the user dropout rate is very low (13%).
Obviously, we have no trouble getting users to be interested in our travel insurance product, but we are having issues getting them to go past step 2 (89% dropout). After much investigation, we realized that the culprit for the high dropout rate from step 2 to step 3 was actually just a glitch in one of the form field. It was stopping most users from moving on to the next step of the form! Instead of changing the form completely without any clue, we perform a quick fix on the form field and viola! With advanced Behavior insights, we can easily identify issues and make informed decisions. No longer do we have to engage in “trial and error” and hope for the best.


Below are some questions that can be answered with a basic implementation:
  • Which are the most visited pages?
  • Which contents are the most popular among our users?
  • When users are visiting our website, what are the most common pages that the users are landing on?
  • What are the pages that users usually exit from our website?
  • What is the % of users who are actively engaged with our website?
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